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Horseability Haunted HayBarn

So I visited the HorseAbility Haunted Haybarn last night and I was definitely very impressed! For this being their first season, I think this will become a yearly event, and for a great cause!

The haunt takes place in a very scary setting as is. It is set on a horse ranch, and is in a barn that is creepy as can be by itself. You take a shuttle to the venue from a remote parking lot and once you arrive, you see the ticket booth. The line passes the booth and takes you into the main courtyard of the large barn. While you wait in line, various actors mill about with sole intentions of creeping you out. These actors dont just look creepy, they act creepy. And they do not come out of character…..at all….I saw many visitors run from the waiting line altogether, completely creeped out by the over-friendly and equally grotesque doorman.

This place really covers all bases in my opinion. They use the element of surprise, they utilize creepiness via the environment and the actors do not come out of character.  A few of my highlights were firstly, “The Shaver”. The Shaver and his equally disturbed wife make quite a scene in a bloodied up bathroom.  If you’ve never experienced the calm and piercing stare of “The Shaver” before at Bayville Fire Department, come down and witness him staring right through you while his neck gushes blood. Yeah, as creepy as it sounds. Another great part of the walk is the mannequin or statue room. The room is lined with highly reflective wall coverings, pair that with some strobe and a room full of eerie statues, and you get totally creeped out! Oh wait, did I forget to mention that not all the statues are, well, statues. Yes, some of the statues come to life, especially when you really don’t want them too.

Another well executed room is the creepy doll room. I am not a big fan of doll collections, and I recently saw Annabelle which did not sway me towards starting an American Girl collection either. The girls in the creepy doll room are sweetly choking their dolls to death while begging you to be their friends forever. This is another area where not coming out of character makes you want to get the hell out of the room asap. The girls are cute as buttons, and creepy as all hell! Especially when singing nursery rhymes that always gave me the creeps as is.  And after that creep show, you head into a dining room setting that is done to perfection, but includes a casket next to the table. I lost my appetite quickly, especially once I met grandma….

These were just a few of the highlights of the 10-15 minute walk. The proceeds from the HorseAbility Haunted Haybarn do go to charity, and a great charity at that. Visit Horseability.org to learn more about their program. This is a great haunt and I encourage you to visit it!



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