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Zombieworld: Attack of the Killer Clowns

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In 1957 a traveling circus welcomed the children of Deer Park to their new school on opening day. It was invited back every year to perform their entertaining show and to greet the new arriving class.

In 1975, everything changed and brought the towns worst nightmare to life…
Zombies were rumored to walk the halls, scaring the teachers and the students until the school finally shut down. The clowns came back and grew insanly mad because there was no one left to entertain.
The Zombies and the Insane Clowns now haunt over 7,000 square feet of the old school classroom and hall ways. They threaten the revenge to all that enter, as if school wasn’t a nightmare in itself.

15 to 20 minute walk. Live Actors and Professional Animations.

Zombieworld: Attack of the Killer Clowns is a very scary haunt. Parental Discretion is Advised. Handicapped accessible.

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